Figurative Language

This year I can say that my students mastered figurative language more than any other year! I added a couple new activities and lessons that I think really helped them be successful so I'll share what I added. I purchased the Figurative Language worksheet packet by Rachel Lynette found here and I absolutely loved it! It gives enough worksheets/activities for classwork, homework, and I had a bunch left over that I didn't even get to! They are simple, fun activities to get students to practice.

I also had my students complete a figurative language flip book. I spent one week on each type of figurative language. They would complete the pages from the pack above as well as the corresponding section on their figurative language book. There are many examples of these flip books online but I basically gave them a sheet with the title of each type along with the meaning. They glued these definitions and titles to the outside of each flap and then came up with an example, sentence, and illustration for the inside. It's such a simple project but of course anything using art, they would beg to move on to the next example every week! They also turned out beautiful so I displayed them at Open House. See below...

I also had my figurative language posters up for the majority of the year for my students to reference.

My favorite are the polka dot posters but the chevron ones also seem to be a big hit! 
You can find them both in my store: Polka Dots and Chevron.

My posters, the packet from Rachel Lynette, and the flip books were a huge success! I'd love to hear if anyone else has any tips or tricks that helped make learning figurative language a success!

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