Teaching Time

I know everyone can probably agree that there just isn't enough time in the year to teach everything we are required to teach. Does anyone have weeks though where other activities just seem to take over your teaching time?

For example, let me share my "extra activities" that have been scheduled for my class this week….

Tuesday-Music with the music teacher for 45 minutes, science with a roving science teacher for 1 hour, and a 30 minute garden lesson with a garden docent.
Wednesday-Hands on Art for an hour and a half with the parent docent.
Thursday-30 minute P.E. lesson with the roving teacher and a 30 minute health lesson with our school counselor.
Friday-1 hour long Hands on Science with the parent docent.

WOW!!! I'm exhausted just reading this schedule! This is definitely not a typical week for my class, but it sure is affecting the amount of time I have left to assess my kiddos before I have to complete their report cards! Does anyone else ever have this much added to their week??? Thanks for reading this little rant. I'd love to hear if anyone else is struggling to squeeze things in their schedule! 2 days left until our break! I hope everyone is having a wonderful, less stressful week!

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  1. Yep I have weeks like that too. Especially with the holiday season coming up it will get really crazy because we will do a "holiday program" for the parents so we will be practicing during the day starting the week after Thanksgiving.
    ~Diving Into Learning