Football Math!

Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, football is all I hear in my house, and not necessarily by choice. :) My students are also obsessed and it is all the boys talk about! I've finally come to the point where I've embraced it and it has now become a way to connect with my students and make math fun! I've created games and task cards, common core aligned, and all centered around FOOTBALL! I've uploaded my games and task cards which include…

  • 3 concentration/matching games, one page each (one for each CA team: 49ers, Chargers, and Raiders). For a challenge, students can mix all three for a larger game or you can use these questions as additional task cards for more questions.
  • 12 task cards-I use these during math centers and occasionally as a fun warm up placed under my document camera!
  • A create your own football word problem sheet for students. After solving the task cards and playing the games, my students were so excited to create their own problems!
All of these can be used as task cards or any other game of your choice! My students just love seeing anything football related!

This packet is of course for California teams (since I live here), however, it is very easy for me to edit so if you'd like to request a pack for another state's teams, just send me a message and I'd be happy to upload it for any of my wonderful blog followers! I've posted the pack to both of my stores for $3.50. Click below to check it out!  

Happy Monday Night Football! 

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