Five for Friday

1. This week we finished up some triaramas for science. The students made these models for landslides and earthquakes as well as some nonfiction writing describing each.

2. We are still working figurative language and my students are doing a great job remembering to refer to these posters to remember the difference. These posters are for sale in my store in chevron and also in the polka dots shown below.

3. I also updated one of our bulletin boards with some April Earth Day flair! It was a simple activity that really got them thinking about the small changes they can make!

4. I worked on the never ending task of leveling my library! I'm great at doing this at the beginning of the year but all of those books that get donated midyear somehow slip through the cracks and don't get leveled before I put them out! Finally fixed that this week! Thanks to Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files for the super cute library labels! I LOVE these!

5. Last but not least, we are finishing up our Gold Rush unit with this wonderful book below! What I love even more is the wonderful audiobook for it on iTunes! The multiple character voice recordings really make it exciting for the kids! Not only is this tied to our social studies curriculum but there are so many great activities you can do with this book!

Happy Friday everyone!

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