April Currently

I'm a few days late but can't resist linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for April's Currently!

Listening: I LOVE Modern Family! I laugh out loud every time!

Loving: This spring break couldn't have come at a better time! I was just starting to get unmotivated but this week of relaxing and catching up should do the trick!

Thinking: That "to do" list is still staring at me! I'm about halfway though with only two days left of my break! Yes, it's a long list! 

Wanting: A massage. I wish I could make this a monthly routine! Maybe the fiance will sponsor this month's massage! haha

Needing: Some sun! My body still looks like it is stuck in winter! I need some sun to start this tan!

Advice: Don't sweat the small stuff is such simple advice to remember whether you are wedding planning or dealing with a problem student! :)  I feel like I tell myself this at least once a day.


  1. I need some sun as well! I feel so BLAH from the Winter!! Hopefully we both get some nice weather soon! :)


  2. Yes Spring Break has been a great way to refocus and recoop! I look forward to reading more from your blog :)


  3. Hi Marie! I came across your blog through the linky party- I only started blogging two days ago so this is all very fun! Your blog is gorgeous! I love love love the beach and go nearly every day in summer (we're lucky to live 2-15 minutes away from 9 different beaches!)

    I LOVE Modern Family! I think Phil is hilarious! And oh my goodness I too want a massage so badly! I'm off to have an explore through your blog now :)

    x Serena x

    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  4. I just found your blog through the linky! I am your newest follower! I just finished watching Modern Family from yesterday(I had it DVR'd). I love that show too. Glad I found your blog! :)

  5. LOVE your blog design! So so cute!!! I agree with not sweating the small stuff! Great advice!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  6. I love Modern Family, too. There are few good comedies left anymore. That's one of thefew I laugh out loud at, too.