St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day is almost here and I have some fun activities planned for my kids that I thought I'd share with you. Every year I have my students write Leprechaun Limericks and they always turn out great! There are many templates available online that you can find. I have my students write their final draft on shamrock shaped paper and they look great on the bulletin board! I also love how my students have so much fun writing them and they can't get over the fact that they're allowed to be silly.

Another activity I'm doing all week is my St. Patrick's Day Math Centers. This packet is aligned to the Common Core for 4th grade but would also be great review for 5th too. There are 60 math task cards as well as a recording sheet and an answer key. Each standard has a different kind of clip art that corresponds to where they record it on their recording sheet. I have a different standard on each table and have the kids rotate through them during the week.

The recording sheet makes it easy for students to be sure they're on the right group of task cards since the clip art matches. 

I'm loving all of the other St. Patrick's Day activities I'm seeing from all of you! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

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