March Currently

I'm a couple of days late but linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for the March Currently!

Listening: So I'm not a huge Clippers fan but it has been a pretty good game! I'm one of those people who needs background noise whether it's music or the TV.

Loving: So I had the house to myself Friday after school. On the way home I stopped for a yummy mocha frappuccino and completely forced myself to start and finish my report cards. Yes, all 33 in one day. I know I'm crazy but once I start something, I MUST finish it! By 8:30pm I was finished and I'm so happy I powered through them all! Thanks to my craziness, I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend! :)

Thinking: Why didn't I do pilates earlier? I've been going to the gym regularly for a long time and I have never felt pain like this from working out! I've done pilates on the reformers 3 times now and I feel pain in muscles I never knew I could work out! I'm going to try to keep this up for as long as I can! I just wish it was cheaper!

Wanting: A massage. No explanation necessary. 

Needing: The downside to entertaining last night is the massive amount of wine glasses and party platters still needing to be washed. Next on my list!

I like Sundays like this! I LOVE my new car! Super early happy 30th birthday gift to myself! Finally, I hate procrastinators, especially when I have to do more work due to their lack of responsibility. Ugh! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by through the Currently link up. I think it must be a teacher survival tip to take advantage of lazy Sundays since our weeks are so crazy! Happy early birthday!! :)

  2. Lazy Sundays are my favorite! I've had one too! Happy Early Birthday!! Maybe someone will buy you a massage!

    Amber :)
    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. Hi, Marie! I found you through Farley's Currently. I just may be your newest follower! :) Great post - great work on report cards last week...and Happy Birthday!
    Middle School Matters Blog

  4. I cannot believe you have 33 students! My grade cards are due Friday by 6pm and I envy the fact that your done!
    Definitely a follower now.
    Rock Stars At Work

  5. I want a massage too! I've never had one before and one is calling my name!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. I finished my report cards on Friday too! Yippee! I'm a new follower!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  7. Hi, Marie,

    I LOVE your blog!!!! Thanks for stopping by mine last week over at Inspired Elementary! Your "Currently" is so cute, too...I might give one of those a try :)

    I am your newest follower and I can't wait to see what comes!

    Inspired Elementary