Freebie Friday-Book Club Conversation Starters

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the last day of Teacher Week...Freebie Friday.
I'm giving away the student bookmarks that I use during my student book clubs. This is a good freebie for grades 3-5! I implement book clubs in my classroom as a way to get students excited about what they are reading. They meet with their book club once a week and set goals for how much they will read. I even let them vote on their next book and they get so excited! At the beginning of the year, I facilitate my student book clubs or use parent volunteers. These bookmarks act as a "cheat sheet" for students who struggle with what to talk about when their book club meets. Students can refer to the conversation starters on the bookmark throughout their meeting to prompt them on what to discuss! I suggest printing these on either white or colored cardstock. You can even laminate them so they last all year. By the end of the year, the book clubs are meeting independently without teacher help and have wonderful book club conversations! CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR FREEBIE!

I've also recently uploaded a packet with a list of 21 of my favorite mentor texts that I use during Reader's and Writer's Workshop to work on many skills and strategies. I've included book titles, authors, and which strategies and skills I use each book for. The majority of these titles are great for all grades 1-5. The upper grades really enjoy starting a mini-lesson with a read aloud picture book on the carpet. They are so much more engaged in the lesson and are able to make the connection easily! I've just uploaded it to my store for $1.50 if you'd like to check it out. CLICK HERE FOR MY MENTOR TEXT LIST

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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