May Currently & Something New

I'm a few days late but oh well! That has been the story of my life lately! I can't pass up linking up for the May Currently with Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

Listening: My husband is the best! Not only did he cook me an amazing breakfast this morning but he's outside on the BBQ making dinner! It smells SO good!

Loving: It has been one of THOSE years so I'm so, so happy that it is almost summer!

Thinking: Since it's almost over, that means it's almost time for our Open House! Time to get those projects finished and up! AHH!

Wanting: This weather has been so crazy! It is never in the 90s by the beach and it has been almost all week! Also, I'm just addicted to ice cream.

Needing: SLEEP! This has been a crazy week filled with birthdays, a wedding, and going out of town. This girl is tired!

Surprise: Not only is this teacher an amazing blogger and teacher, but she has been so kind and helpful to me lately! Go check out the wonderful Anchored in 3rd Grade!

Also, I'm super excited about a product I made recently that my students are loving! We recently read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio and my students loved our discussions about Mr. Browne's Precepts. I made some posters to put up and I love how I can see my students rereading the quotes! Check them out in my store by clicking below! They will be 20% off during the big TPT sale this week!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 


  1. I am so jealous of your 90 degree weather!!! It's barely made it into the 60s here in the Midwest. I'm ready for some sun and warmth!! Enjoy your last days of school!

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  2. We hit about 95 here in Texas today so I'm feeling your pain! But, I'm kind of glad...I was getting tired of being cold! It also means your husband can BBQ!!

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