December Currently

I haven't done a currently in a few months so I'm excited to link up for the December Currently at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

Listening: Yes, I'm listening to the football game but not by choice. My husband is a HUGE football fan and is currently going back and forth between fantasy teams. I don't hate football but I'm definitely not as big of a fan as he is. I actually love it because it gives me some "me" time whenever he's distracted by it.

Loving: I'm definitely loving this Cyber Monday sale. I filled my cart with some amazing products that I'm so excited about! I also did a little shopping on Amazon for Christmas gifts! 

Thinking: How did I get sick during the only week that I was off work and not around my students??!! It doesn't make sense but it needs to go away!

Needing: The Bath and Body candles are the best! It's so hard to decide because I love them all! I'm going to put one in every room this year for sure!

Favorite Tradition: My favorite holiday tradition is getting together as a family every Christmas morning to open gifts under the tree. I know you are probably thinking, of course! But we have continued this tradition in our family even as us "kids" have grown up and gotten married. 

Time to get back to my Cyber Monday shopping! If you are still doing your TPT shopping, I bundled a bunch of my writing units/projects for an even bigger discount if you want to check them out….

Happy Cyber Monday!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am stopping by yours. I had the hardest time uploading this time. I couldn't get my words to copy even when I saw them on the jpeg. GRRRR. I finally am Currently up and running. Love your graphics, can't wait to explore! Happy Holidays!